by Ouchhh

January 18th, 2018 - March 4th, 2018

Become immersed in a psychedelic, eye­-of-­the­-storm experience of whirling fractals and light beams.

Visually and aurally mesmerizing, Parallel Universe is the first solo retrospective exhibit for an internationally acclaimed Turkish art studio Ouchhh. Comprised of four installations, three world-traveled and one created in collaboration with ARTECHOUSE specially for this show, it is a hypnotic and immersive experience unlike anything. The exhibition blurs the boundaries between visual, acoustic and tactile experiences, encouraging a multi-sensory approach to art appreciation.

The pulsing lights and sounds of Parallel Universe created a mesmerizing display that drew inspiration from science, mathematics, and astrology. The result was a dramatic and intense experience that was at once artistically stunning and intellectually stimulating. The new media studio Ouchhh invited visitors to enjoy their beautiful visuals while considering concepts such as the mathematical field of topology, light physics and the artistic uses of data.

This exhibit featured custom music that informed the visuals in our Main Gallery, an artistic representation of the New Mexican landscape, a portal into an alternate dimension and a performance inspired by the mystery and myth of the constellation Orion.



OUCHHH is a new media creative agency based in Istanbul with various other divisions across the world, and with experience in every field imaginable: from graphic design and interactive installations to kinetic sculptures and video mapping. In keeping with the vibrant, booming scene in Turkey, this multidisciplinary center represents the best of this creative wave.


Added to this artistic arsenal is an exquisite taste for immersive experiences, an element that brings them to MIRA 2017 for the 360º screening of ‘Homeomorphism’. A visual treatise in full dome format, it focuses on the forms of nature, especially topography and the visible power of the landscapes of New Mexico, his source of inspiration.


Orion is a digital art piece created by Ouchhh that will premiere in Spain commissioned by MIRA 2017. Its creation is directly influenced by the constellation Orion and the awesome reaction it has provoked throughout the history of humanity: the alignment with the position of the stars and the theory of correlation.

Ouchhh created IOTA AI Performance in collaboration with Canadian Data AI Scientists Assoc. Prof. Philippe Pasquier  Phil Pass, Kıvanç Tatar (Engineer Artist) and MASOM.


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“To the tune of an eerily pulsating soundtrack, the viewer is plunged into darkness while a mapping of circular, geometric and continuous transformations plays out overhead. From an endless vortex of corkscrew-shaped fractals one minute to a net-like membrane to noodle-like coils the next, the seamless transformations exercise a hypnotic hold—glance away momentarily and you’ll miss one.” The Architect's Magazine



“ARTECHOUSE's current exhibition, 'Parallel Universe,' emerges viewers into a mostly black and white multi-sensory experience where they can sit on one of eight bean bags to experience a pulsating light installation or marvel at 3D mapped projections of geometric shapes and lines moving to eery music.” Washington Life Magazine



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