Seasonal Celebration

March 20th - June 2nd, 2019

ARTECHOUSE brings cherry blossoms to a digital realm! Celebrating spring, renewal and the cherry blossom season with an immersive and interactive digital art experience!

In Peak Bloom features interactive and immersive digital art installations inspired by the fragile beauty and ephemeral nature of the cherry blossom. The cherry blossom's distinctive short life span is closely tied to its cultural significance -- reminding us of how precious and fleeting life is -- and also part of what makes its blooming period such a cherished spectacle.


Working with a variety of interactive media, the artists featured in "In Peak Bloom" bring the cherry blossom's symbolism to life in new ways, updating these time-honored concepts for the 21st century while simultaneously paying homage to traditional themes, such the transient nature of life (hakanai), and artistic genres like Ukiyo-e. 


In Peak Bloom showcases the collaborative efforts of five women artists/ women-led collective. The exhibition features:


  • Main Gallery // Hana Fubuki - Visual Installation with Interactions by AKIKO YAMASHITA, SACHIKO YAMASHITA & MIKITYPE

  • Gallery 1 // Blooming - Interactive Installation by LISA PARK

  • Gallery 2 // Akousmaflore - Interactive Plant Installation by SCENOCOSME

  • Media Lab // Enchanted Garden - Environmental Installation by DESIGN FOUNDRY Augmented Reality by TRISHA CHHABRA & ARTECHOUSE

  • Mezzanine Bar // Sakaba - Augmented Reality Cocktail Bar by ARTECHOUSE

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