featuring performances by James Cao Yuxi + Lawrence (New York + Hong Kong), Nonotak (France) and Synthestruct (USA).

October 2019

ARTECHOUSE is proud to announce the continuation of ARTECHOUSE Live, a new series of audiovisual performances at the intersection of music and digital arts.

Bringing some of the most innovative projects from the U.S. and abroad. The October edition will feature live performances over six days from artists James Cao Yuxi + Lawrence (New York + Hong Kong), Nonotak (France) and Synthestruct (USA).

Each artist will showcase their works four times, at 7PM and 9PM, on their respective performance dates.

October 8 & 9 - 7pm & 9pm: Multidimensional Sampling Project by James Cao Yuxi + Lawrence

October 22 & 23 - 7pm & 9pm: Eclipse by Nonotak

October 29 - 9pm, October 30 -7pm: Vast by Synthestruct 

AGES 18+

TICKETS: $40 individual


Multidimensional Sampling Project

by James Cao Yuxi + Lawrence

October 8th, 9th, 7PM & 9PM

Multidimensional Sampling Project is a collaborative audiovisual performance project created by Hong Kong-based sound artist Lawrence Lau and New York artist James Cao Yuxi. Lau’s works span music composition, live musical performance and audiovisual art and installation, while Cao works across fields including sound-visualization, programming, and computing.


Humanity's embrace of mobile devices has made the QR code an symbol for the modern world, used for everything from economic transactions to social interactions. In this overwhelming wave of global QR use, Cao and Lau find that the abstract pattern of the QR code is a perfect expression of interaction and reasoning in modern culture. The “Multidimensional Sampling Project” looks to inspire and remind the audience how deep humanity has dived into the digital world, and to ask us to examine the relationship between humanity and technology.


@caoyuxi // @hiukonglau 

caoyuxi.com // hiukonglau.com





by Nonotak

October 22nd, 23rd, 7PM & 9PM 

Nonotak is a creative studio project founded by former illustrator Noemi Schipfer and former architect and musician Takami Nakamoto,  founded in 2012. Nonotak creates light- and sound-based installations as well as performance pieces to create ethereal, immersive and dream-like environments built to envelope, challenge and stagger the viewer.


The duo’s piece Eclipse capitalizes on Nakamoto’s approach to physical space, and audio elements, as well as Schipfer’s experience with kinetic visuals and complex, geometric illustrations. The result is a work  that combines light, sound and space in order to provide audiences with a unique, captivating visual and auditory experience.








by Synthestruct

October 29th at 9PM, October 30th at 7PM

Synthestruct (Ginger Leigh) is an interactive and audiovisual artist who combines coding, sensors, sound, visuals and real-time data to create interactive experiences, installations and immersive performances. Her work looks for ways to connect with the real and imaginary worlds around us, creating ways to make these unreal worlds experiential.


Her show is a mesmerizing real-time sound creation and sound visualization in virtual space. Synthestruct has created “sound objects” of different forms with which she will interact in real-time during the performance, composing endlessly-complex soundscapes through different combinations of objects. All the possible creations will appear as geometric forms in a space that can be navigated 3-dimensionally, turning the room into its own 3-D object. 





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